Molandise Sweeney Vase/Ornament

Molandise Sweeney Vase/Ornament

A collection of pastel colored vases to brighten and accentuate any space. Choose from a vast range of colors and shapes to bring out your personality. These function as a vase or as a display!

  • Specifications

    Design A - Nude pink 10cm (Diameter) x 10.5cm (Height)

    Design B - Cavern Clay (Gold brown) 12cm (Diameter) x 16cm (Height)

    Design C - Night Blue 10cm (Diameter) x 13cm (Height)

    Design D - Rain Blue 9.5cm (Diameter) x 28cm (Height)

    Design E - Orche (Yellow) 13cm (Diameter) x 10cm (Height)

    Design H - Tassel (Light Orange) 11.5cm (Diameter) x 18cm (Height)

    Design I - St John (White beige) 9.5cm (Diameter) x 20.7cm (Height)