Make your house feel homey everyday

What makes a home?

We all need a space where we can call it home, a place where it gives us a sense of comfort, security and coziness. Regardless if you are staying in a rented space or a house that you own, you will want it to feel like home. The worst feeling in the world would be walking into a space that does not give you the warmth and comfort you are looking for.

These are the little things you can do to make your place feel like a home:


Lights can change the mood of your space

For any kind of space, lighting is very important. It makes or breaks a space. The right kind of lighting would increase your productivity and at the same time set the mood for a calming, relaxing vibe. Before choosing the right light for your space, think about the kind of feeling that space radiates. Warm lights are for relaxation and bright white lights are for productivity. For example, at a dining space, you may want to add candles for aesthetic reasons and also that it gives off a warm vibe.

Declutter. Declutter. Declutter.

Does your work desk look like this?

We are all guilty of piling on mail on our side tables, and for people who loves reading, there's always a tower of books waiting to be shelved. Recall the time where your work desk is cluttered with stationery, books, papers or sometimes even food wrappers. Don't you feel unproductive and felt like your mind is everywhere? That is what clutter does to a person.

When it comes to tidying up and clutter, we always think of Marie Kondo. Her method, namely, KonMarie, caught the attention of many and his has started a trend where people started de-cluttering!

Keep the things in life that sparks joy

You can catch the series of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo for some extra tips!

Display decor items that reflects your personality

They always say, your home reflects your personality. The color you love, the layout, and even the items are what you love. Ever walked into an artists' sanctuary? Its' filled with their artwork, and even the items reflect their style.

We love a vast collection of books

From books, to vinyls or even musical instruments are among those little things that people love to put on display. However, no matter how much you love these things, its' not ideal to clutter your place with these things.

A Corner For Yourself

A reading nook that doubles as a social space

We all need a space to relax and unwind. Your house should be your sanctuary and one should always dedicate a little corner for that. It can range from having a bathtub for a home spa, to even a little reading nook for you and the kids!

Muted colors opens up your space

Be sure to choose muted colors for your sanctuary. It gives a soft, subtle finish that will exude a calm vibe to your space. Another tip is to avoid straight cut lines in the space, instead have curves in the patterns that you choose. Curves often trigger the emotions of people whereas straight cut lines gives out a sense of fear.

Don't forget to add some colors to your sanctuary for a pop of color. Use soft fixtures like pillows, rugs or even some greenery!

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The Power of Scent

Reed diffusers doubles as a decor item and disperse constant scent

Aromatherapy, is said to be another form of healing. The right kind of essential oils elevates your mood and even make you sleep better. Scents like lavender is a popular choice among people as it treats insomnia on top of reducing stress and anxiety. Another popular choice would be bergamot, which gives out a fresh citrus scent. It is said that it helps elevate anxiety and depression as well. There are multiple methods in making your home smell good. You can opt for a diffuser or scented candles. Personally, we love scented candles because its' convenient!

A touch of Green

Having a little green or an abundant amount makes a big difference! It does not only alleviate your mood, but also refreshes the air in your space. We understand that not everyone has green thumbs, therefore there are many other alternatives like faux plants and flowers.

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You can also grow your own herbs for cooking! It is easy to grow and pesticide-free!

Pictures of Family & Friends

Photos of loved ones always brightens up a space and adds a personal touch to your living space. One thing to take note of is not to clutter your space with various kinds of photos as it may look messy, therefore, photos should be a supplementary to your space.

Th common places to put your family/friends photos would be over a fireplace, stairway, or a hall way. Some would even place em' at their dining room!

Pictures do make spaces more cozy and comfortable, so start taking out your box filled with photos and start decorating your space!

Center Piece for your Table Top

Center pieces can range from fresh botanicals, candle holders to even empty vases. In your living space, it is crucial not to add a centerpiece that looks like clutter therefore choosing the right piece may be tricky. Our pick would be vases or even decorative bowls. It will double as a piece that holds your seasonal botanicals or just a decorative piece in general.

Start making your home feel more homey today!

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