Creating a Cozy Home

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

The muted green backdrop exudes a sense of nature into your living space

After a long day filled with back to back meetings, you want to look forward to your home, filled with the things that you love and adore. No matter if you have an apartment or a mansion, the space you have, has to be your haven. Even if you have a mere 600 sq ft space, you can maximize your space and make it cozy.

Have you ever scrolled through Pinterest and think "I wish my home would be cozy like that too!"? The thing is, it is not difficult to do so, all you need is a little guide, and this is where we come in to help you create a cozy home that you will want to retreat to everyday!

Introduce textiles

Texture adds depth and coziness to your space. Reason being, textured objects compels us to wanna touch things. You can start by introducing a rug to your living room. Rugs are artworks, but on the floor. Now, the question is, what material best suit your space?

Natural Fiber Rugs - Thanks to its' organic look, it is one of the top choices for a cozy setting. Be sure to wipe away any accidental spills as they are quite absorbent.

Wool Rugs - Provides softness and the warmth you need. Not to mention its' minimal upkeep efforts!

Cotton Rugs - Though it does not give the luxurious feel as compared to wool, cotton is a budget-friendly choice, suitable for the kitchen.

Acrylic Rugs - A highly durable material as it is made out of a plastic based material, and it can come in many forms.

If you are not a big fan of rugs, but would still love to introduce textile to your space, you can opt for a throw. When you place a throw on the sofa, it opens up your entire living room. What's more comfortable than snuggling up to a soft throw while sipping on your favorite aromatic tea?

Let's not forget the most essential part.. pillows! Pile em' on your sofa and don't be afraid to go for the bolder colors! Bold colors accentuates your space even further making it more welcoming and inviting.


Scent can make or break a space. The right kind of scent creates a relaxed, warm environment. Scent does add a therapeutic feel to your space, for example, lavender. Lavender is like magic, it soothes a person and even relieves anxiety. You can have an aromatherapy diffuser or burn candles to get the smell you want. Imagine yourself being on your cozy sofa with a throw over your legs and a cup of hot chocolate, reading your favorite book, with a space illuminated by warm lights and a scented candle lit on your coffee table. Nothing is cozier than a well decorated place and some warmth!

Lighting Matters

A good lighting creates a beautiful space. Always opt for warm (yellow) lights rather than cold (blue) lights. The vibe you get from being in a room lit with white neon tubes and a room lit with warm bulbs is very different. Ever wondered why people always had candle light dinners for a romantic evening rather than a brightly lit space? That's because it gives a warm, cozy feeling and draws people together.

For those who loves the Bohemian vibe, string lights are a must have in your rooms. Drape them over your painting or over your bed's headboard. String lights may be a little eccentric to some, therefore the globe string lights can be a great option too for a more sophisticated touch.

A Touch of Greenery

Take the outdoors, indoors.

What better way to add life to your space other than the greens? Not only do they purify the air but it is a mood booster as well! If your space is filled with neutral tones, opt for a bold color pot/vase for a pop of color!

We understand that not everyone has green fingers, but plants will die at a point of time, and it sure is discouraging at times, but it is part of a learning process. If you do not feel confident in taking care of plants, you may prefer fresh flowers. Fresh flowers can last for quite some time if there are constant change in water and trimming of stems on the daily.

If living plants are not your cup of tea, go for faux greenery! The key to making your space look lively is choosing faux plants that looks as real as possible. Faux greenery may cost a bomb but it needs zero upkeep and it will look fabulous all year long.

Make your home a little more cozy today.

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