Adding a touch of pastel color to your space

Think about the time when a box of macaroons over the counter caught your attention with its' sweet colors and range of flavors. Or, the color of cotton candy or even the little blue clouds you see everyday. Those colors are what we call, pastel colors that have an inspiriting effect on humans, making us happy and optimistic.

You may wonder, "What is it like adding pastel colors to my space?". Well, pastel colors will give your space a sense of elegance and simplicity, without it being dreary. The color scheme that consists of predominantly white creates an illusion of a larger space as it smooths the sharp edges of your space. Thanks to its' soft tone, it welcomes you to a cozy and warm space.

The colors is not bold, but it adds some aesthetic value to your space and its' versatility that matches all kinds of wood flooring, panelings and other kinds of furniture, be it light or dark will appeal to many.

Here are some of the examples of adding pastel colors to your space.

After a long day, a cozy, inviting bedroom is definitely something to look forward to. Having the same color scheme with smooth fabrics around the room makes the room dull and is not very different from a hotel room. Pastel colors does magic to your room even with the slightest addition like having a throw drape artlessly over the ends of the bed or the corner instantly adds a notch of comfort and coziness. This gives your space some texture and it gives your bedroom some personality!

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Never be afraid to experiment with darker colors and pastels! A pastel colored inspired space has to be grounded, usually with earthy textures and deeper tones such as black accents and wood furnishings. By adding a black, marble finishing lamp on your desk accompanied with a baby pink vase gives your space a balance without it being over the top with its' sweetness.

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Sometimes, vases are tricky as the the color may not do justice for the beautiful arrangement that you have put together, therefore choosing a vase that complements all kinds of arrangements is vital. You can opt for artificial arrangements that does not require any upkeep and goes well with all existing decors that you have!

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Vases doesn't have to be restricted for only flower arrangements. With its' unique design and shape, vases can be a feature piece in your space. Display your pastel vases against your dark colored walls like artwork!

Decorating your space with pastel colors definitely creates endless possibilities in all kinds of spaces and not limited to your bedroom, working space & living room! No matter what interior style you have in mind for your space, pastel colors will definitely enhance your space making it welcoming! Transform your space today by incorporating these pastel hues today!

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